Three Kings cream chargers

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High-Quality Cream Chargers fit for a Monarch from Three Kings

Based in Saltash in Cornwall, Three Kings have cornered the premium cream chargers market at home and abroad. Their trademark is the high-quality materials and impeccable end product that they consistently deliver, with their polished silver cartridges filled with 8g of the finest nitrous oxide (N2O). Together, those ingredients result in dreamily soft peaks and no oily residue after use, every single time. 100% recyclable.

Because we know that time is of the essence when whipping cream, we at offer next day and Saturday delivery on all products that we stock.

Who are Three Kings?

Three Kings Coffee are a premium manufacturer of all things cream and coffee related. In addition to producing top-quality cream chargers from polished silver and high-grade N2O, they’re also one of the foremost manufacturers of syrups, soda chargers and coffee pods. It’s for these reasons that they’re favoured by the best coffee shops, restaurants and hotel chains across the UK and beyond.

How do I use Three Kings cream chargers?

Three Kings cream chargers must be used in conjunction with a cream dispencer – these are readily available for purchase on the website. To make your whipped cream, culinary foam or infused liquid, simply place all of the ingredients into the dispenser and screw the lid on securely. Then, attach the Three Kings cream charger to the nozzle on the dispenser and press the button to release the N2O gas into the dispenser, give it a good shake and voila! The process is complete.

Is it against the law to purchase Three Kings cream chargers over the internet?

It is completely legal to purchase Three Kings cream chargers over the internet, providing the buyer in question is 18 years of age. Thorough checks will be carried out upon purchase to ensure they are strictly for catering use. See our safety information for further information.

Is it possible to recycle Three Kings cream chargers?

The Three Kings cream chargers stocked on our website are all produced from 100% silver, which means they can be recycled along with all other household waste.

What quantity of Three Kings cream chargers should I purchase?

The number of Three Kings cream chargers you require will depend on how much whipped cream you desire. As a general rule, half a litre of raw product will be turned into 1.5 litre of whipped cream using Three Kings chargers. That means that you can access up to 10 times the amount of end product that you could by whipping manually – and without any of the elbow grease, either.

At, we’re aware that there are occasions when you need your cream whipped post haste. That’s why we strive to provide ultimate customer satisfaction by offering next day and Saturday delivery with each and every order. As one of the leading retailers of Three Kings products in Britain, we’re well placed to meet all your needs.