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Top-of-the-Range Whipped Cream Chargers for Homes, Cafes, Restaurants and Caterers

Among our extensive range of whipped cream products, we are proud to carry the finest offerings from iSi, the oldest manufacturer of cream chargers in the world. Each of the iSi cream chargers sold on our site contains 8.4g of highly pressurised nitrous oxide (N2O) gas, which is ideal for creating the airy peaks that make whipped cream so delectable. Made from 100% stainless steel, they’re easily recyclable alongside the rest of your household waste.

For those last-minute occasions when you need whipped cream post-haste, we offer a next day delivery service, with Saturday arrival also an option for customers in Mainland UK.


    Who are iSi?

    iSi are a veritable institution of Austrian industry. The company has its roots as far back as 1867, when Carl Pochtler set up a business making mechanical instruments and syringes. Almost one hundred years on, the iSi brand was born in 1967, and began concentrating on the manufacture of disposable capsules intended to aid in the production of whipped cream and soda water. That makes iSi the oldest large-scale manufacturer of cream chargers in operation. Today, their products are enjoyed by the inhabitants of over 90 countries around the world.

    What sets iSi cream chargers apart from the competition?

    Over almost 60 years in the cream charger manufacturing industry, iSi have continued to go from strength to strength by relying on their three core business principles of independence, integrity and sustainability. They pride themselves on offering their customers something which other companies cannot, which is why their chargers contain up to 12% more gas and operate as much as 20% more efficiently than their rivals. They also electronically weigh and measure each and every canister they produce, thus ensuring optimum consistency across the entire range of their products.

    How do I use iSi cream chargers?

    The first step to using iSi whipped cream chargers is acquiring a whipped cream dispenser (aka a whipper) capable of blending the N2O gas with your chosen ingredients. Of course, iSi manufacture their own high-grade dispensers which have been designed to complement their chargers, but the chargers are also compatible with almost all other major brands (but not Kisag). We stock a wide variety of options on our website (including iSi products) for those interested.

    To use the chargers, first place the ingredients you wish to aerate into the dispenser and ensure the lid is screwed tightly back on. Then, attach the charger to the dispenser, release the gas and shake it well, to guarantee that the N2O has reacted with the fats, gelatines and other stabilising agents in the cream properly. And hey presto! Your cream is whipped and ready to dispense.

    Who uses iSi cream chargers and why?

    As a market-leading manufacturer of whipped cream chargers, iSi products are incredibly popular with the hospitality industry, with many major coffee chains, restaurants and catering companies choosing to use iSi N2O to meet their whipping needs. However, they’re equally appropriate for home use by enthusiastic bakers. The number one application of iSi cream chargers is creating whipped cream, but they can also be used to infuse alcohol, oils, sauces and syrups.

    When purchasing iSi cream chargers online for culinary purposes, the process is entirely legal, provided the buyer is 18 years of age or older. However, buying iSi cream chargers with intent to use them to misuse N2O gas is strictly illegal. Anyone suspected of doing so on our site will have their transaction cancelled without delay.

    How can I recycle iSi cream chargers?

    Because they are made from 100% stainless steel, all iSi whipped cream chargers can be deposited directly into the recycling bin along with tins, cans, and other metallic containers.

    What quantity of iSi cream chargers should I buy?

    We’re well aware that the needs of an occasional amateur baker will be vastly different from those of a high street coffee shop. That’s why we stock iSi cream chargers in a variety of quantities, from packs of 24 up to packs of 600. Of course, a larger quantity will unlock bigger discounted price savings, but how much you need depends upon your personal preferences. For reference, all of the iSi cream chargers we sell are compatible with both 0.25 litre and 0.5 litre dispensers and you should expect to produce 1.5 litres of whipped cream from 0.5 litres of raw product.

    The iSi products we stock on our site – like all of the products we sell – are made from the highest quality materials and use the finest N2O gas, which is guaranteed to leave behind no oily residue. It’s for that reason that we’re one of the biggest suppliers of iSi whipped cream chargers to both businesses and consumers. Additionally, we also offer attractive courier options, with next day deliveries and Saturday deliveries both available on our site.

    Browse through our extensive catalogue of iSi products today. Our world is your whipped cream oyster!